station part
in written by director
2006 BBC Radio 7 Frank Arnold The Laxian Key CL/Gilbert/Sheckley Peter Kavanagh
2000 BBC Radio 4 Various The Remains of Foley and McColl McColl/Foley Lissa Evans
1989 BBC Schools Narrator Tom Fobble's Day
Gordon Lamont
1988 BBC Schools Vet Battle of Bubble and Squeak
lan Lambert

BBC Radio 4 Doctor The Hound of the Higginbothams
Sue Hogg

BBC Radio 4 Clr Sgt Brown Excess Baggage Ken Blakeson Sue Hogg
1987 BBC Radio 4 Frank Learning Anthony Walters Tony Cliff
1986 BBC Radio 4 Percy The Beano Rony Robinson Robert Cooper

BBC Radio 4
A Meeting of Minds Christopher Reason Robert Cooper

BBC Radio 4 Greg Strike - Early Doors Michael Toft Tony Cliff
1985 BBC Radio 4 Terry/Jumpleads Anglers Neil Shenton Caroline Smith