channel part
in written by director
1995-8 LWT Clingfilm London's Burning series 8,9,10,11

2006 BBC Headteacher A Class Apart
Nick Hurran
2005 Yorkshire TV Percy the paedo Heartbeat

2004 BBC Norman Byker Grove
Frank Smith
2001 Sky: the Pub Channel All of 'em Last Orders CL Dave Gilbert
2000 C4 Freddy Black Books Moran & Linehan Graham Linehan
2000 Carlton Mr.Osbourne Kiss me Kate

1999 Sky TV Stallholder The Strangerers Rob Grant
1999 Carlton Graham Evans The Thing About Vince

1998 BBC Coastguard The All New Harry Hill Show

1998 Yorkshire TV Neville Heartbeat

1995 BBC Bass Player Eastenders

1994 BBC Skunk & Health Inspector Monsters Monster Cafe
Alison Stewart/ Phillipa Langdale
1993 Thames PC Nick Milsome The Bill
Haldane Duncan
1993 BBC Jonah Stoner the Moany Owner Model Millie
Kay Benbow/Alison Stewart
1991 BBC Borrk the Alien Melvyn and Maureen's Music-a-Grams
Saly Fraser
1989 GTV Journalist Investigations
Lesley Edwin
1989 Mersey TV Fraud Squad Officer Waterfront Beat
Richard Bramhall
1989 GTV Mickey Lee Coronation Street
Ian White
1989 GTV Schools Inspector Bradley
Richard Morss
1988 GTV Laurie - floor manager How to be Cool
Ian Emes
1987 Border TV Whitecoat 2 The Alien John Chambers Kay Patrick
1985 BBC TV Sound Man Happy Families
Paul Jackson
1985 C4 TV Reporter Brookside

1985 BBC Den Sweet Nothings Dave Simpson Kay Patrick

Dad Condimentia
Morgan Hutchins